Fitted Wardrobe & Bedroom Storage

Fitted custom cabinetry with Oak linings, doors and top to compliment a traditional Victorian Terrace interior. Hand finished in wax-oil and an off-white paint.




Why Fitted Alcove Cabinetry ?



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Finding a well made, free-standing piece that not only fits and looks good in an alcove can be a tricky, if not an impossible task! Especially when you want to make the most of that awkward storage space either side of a chimney breast.

The best and often only solution is to commission a Furniture & Cabinet Maker to produce a custom cabinetry piece for you. With so many possible style, material and layout combinations to choose from it is easy to create that personal, unique and lasting piece of furniture that just can’t be found on the High Street… or… in someone else’s home!

Typical prices are  £1,950  for a single cabinet with book casing (£2,250 as pictured) and  £3,250  for a pair.*

(*Local prices. Prices further afield may vary.)

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Random Layout Fitted Shelving

Shelving (32mm) over 3.25 metres with intergrated alcove cabinetry. Spray finished in a 30% sheen white.


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