Home Office (built to match)

Recently completed is a Home Office install in European Oak, part of an open plan lounge in a new refurbishment. A commission to design and deliver a custom scheme to match existing furniture, providing a seamless harmony in design and materials. The design has all the added benefits of bespoke with features such as a concealed printer pull-out, filing systems and intergrated downlighting.

The client had already selected and purchased a modern sideboard and dining suite from a high end furniture manufacturer, however they were unable to find an office design to match.

Manufactured sideboard.

Manufactured dining suite (foreground).

Push-to-open drawers (lower cabinetry). Soft-close upper cabinetry doors (pulled open on the bottom edge).

Veneered one piece desk lipped in solid oak and scribed to rear walls

Pull out printer/scaner detail.

Curved corner cabinet showing painted back panels to match walls.

Corner detail.

Slimline task downlighting.

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