Bread and butter

Here’s a recent MDF masterpiece which illustrates the previous post nicely. It’s also a great example of bespoke as this is 100% purpose built.

The brief

The brief was to install a utility and storage area into a generous sized bathroom. Lower cabinetry (with worktop) for storage and concealment of a standard 600mm washing machine with upper cabinetry to hide an unsightly electric meter board and consumer unit. In the photo below can be seen the pitch of the roof line and purlin to the right. Behind the logs you can just about make out the cold water feed, waste pipes and power ready for the washer.

Bathroom cabinetry

The treatment

The cabinets were hand painted in the clients chosen finish. I like to hand paint over spray finishing as sometimes a spray finish can look too manufactured and looses a little of that homely feel. It also has the added benefit of being a doddle to touch up knocks and scratches or if the kids decide to decorate it in felt tip!

Of course there’s always a place for spray finishing but it’s suprising how many clients are now specifying a hand painted finish. It takes a little longer but done right I think it’s worth it!

Bathroom Cabinetry 01

There’s a removable kick board on the bottom. The carcasses are melamine on MDF which is very practical for this purpose and available in a vast array of colours, so don’t be shy if you’re considering! I like to glue my cabinets together and always use a thick back panel (between 10-15mm). Nice and solid unlike some of the pre-manufactured ones on the market!

The upper shelves are adjustable and cut to fit around the consumer unit. They have 38mm rebated Oak lippings which are important to stop sagging over wider spans, they add a touch of class too. The lower cabinet shelf has a smaller profile lipping so it doesn’t get in the way and it’s unlikely to sag over the shorter span. I prefer to lip the melamine in timber as opposed to an iron on edging. It’s a much more durable finish able to take knocks and won’t peel off over time, especially as it’ll be quite humid in here!

Bathroom Cabinetry 02

Custom 650mm worktop with 1oomm wide, full length European Oak staves scribed to fit the corner. The top is finished in 4 coats of Osmo Matt Wax Oil which brings out the crown figure beautifully. From this angle you can appreciate the detail of the butt and bead end panels which are sympathetic to the period of this Yorkshire Stone property. All it needs now are some handles, got to get the right ones though, as they can make or break a project!

Bathroom cabinetry 03

‘Bread and butter’ projects as I like to call them, keep the machines running and the wolf from the door. It may not fit the romantic model of the furniture maker whittling away in a barn workshop, however they are just as challenging and fulfilling to make and the results are an attractive fit-for-purpose addition to any home.

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