Time to try something different…

OK.  I’ve decided to give blogging a go as an addition to the website and keep things a little more ‘live’ in the web presence dept.. This will be an opportunity to feature a variety of topical subjects such as new additions to the shop, WIP (work in progress) an insight into how a project evolves from consultation to completion; the way we work in the shop (how many tea breaks?), sneaky previews of speculative ideas in the pipeline and some other bits and pieces as things develop. *breathe*

Ultimately I’d like to showcase projects that quite often get dismissed from the website that, even though they’re the bee’s knees (of course ;)), they’re not quite ready for the full ‘J S McKay Furniture Design‘ website treatment because…

• the scene isn’t right (e.g. no furnishing/ dressing, poor lighting, other trades still have work to do etc…etc.).

• I have no camera, lighting, scene dresser, tea boy to set up great promo shots.

• editing and polishing the website is tricky.

• the project is a bit too ‘out there’.

• I’m too pooped to document properly and need to go home for a scrub, feed and sleep / avoid a telling off for working late…again! (more likely).

With the blog it’ll be more spontaneous, Ker-POW, loose,  informal, juxtaposed, radical, way out there, ruff ‘n’ ready, there’ll be links to other makers and some off-piste stuff which isn’t TOO far off topic.

Of course this all sounds fab, as long I’m efficient at posting (please not another dusty out-of-date blog) and more importantly if can I get my NOT ‘down with the kids’, going slightly out of technological fashion, head round this blogging malarky!

Wish me luck – this could be professional suicide!

One comment on “Time to try something different…

  1. Suellen Khoury says:

    Loving the new Blog, James!
    How do you keep up with facebook, e-mails, website, Twitter, let alone Blogging! Your work is spectacular. It’s fantastic to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pieces of wood!

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